Tips To Get The Best Mobile Phone Insurance In India}

Submitted by: Shubrajit Dash

Today, the information technology sector in India is considered to be the most progressive sector in India, and over the last few years it has rapidly developed. Now, one can find a mobile phone in nearly everyones hands from a young student to an elderly individual or businessman. The use of mobile phones is rapidly spreading to small towns and even villages wherever the telecom companies have provided networking facilities. The result is that the Indian mobile industry has become one of the largest industries not only in India but also across the globe. A study reveals that approximately 15% of mobile users in the world are from India.

In the initial stages, the technology of the mobile phones and their prices werent high. So, the users never thought of insuring their mobile devices. Neither the insurance services were available for insuring mobiles. However, now the situation has entirely changed. One can see that along with the low priced mobile phones, the quality and highly priced smartphones, tablets and laptops are available in the market. Due to this, the occurrence of theft, damage and loss of expensive smartphones and other devices has increased. Consequently, some of the insurance companies have expanded their scope of insurance business to include mobile phone insurance. Today, some of the top manufacturers of smartphones are joining hands with one or the other insurance companies to insure their products. Few of the mobile manufacturing companies and some of the insurance companies have tied up to offer mobile insurance to their clients.

Why is Mobile Insurance Cover Necessary for your mobile phone?

There is a term CRAVED which is very important in this context. This specific term is an acronym used for the words Concealable, Removable, Available, Valuable, Enjoyable and Disposable. The thieves of mobile phones can easily conceal them and they can take out the original SIM and replace it with their own SIM. So, they can easily use the phone without any fear of being caught. Even if they dont intend to use the phones themselves, they can easily dispose the smartphone in the recycled mobile markets. The insurance for your smartphone becomes all the more vital, when you come to know that over 25 lakh mobile phones are stolen or lost nearly every month. Stealing the smartphones is a profitable source of income for thieves who can dispose them off easily at good prices. Thus its essential to insure your expensive smartphones these days.

Some distributors and dealers help you enrol for an appropriate insurance plan when you buy a new mobile from them. You can also get in touch with the offices of an insurance company in your city and find out the details about the policy related to your iPhone insurance. You must keep the original receipt of the purchase safe to process the claim, if any. The partial losses or damages would be paid such as the cost of repair charges without depreciation on parts replaced and for loss or damage.

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