Book A Pleasing Lake District Hotel To Reload Your Batteries

Book A Pleasing Lake District Hotel To Reload Your Batteries


John Gray

A gruelling working agenda was stressing my boyfriend and making him unhappy. Impatient bosses and insufferable deadlines. When he returns home, he is so drowsy all he wants to do is flop in a chair and go to take a nap. We really require his source of income so there is not a lot that we can do.

I know, there are several couples like us. If only there was further hours in the day. Hectic working schedules mean that you have to be a tight couple to see it through. Other couples have broken up after a couple of years. I love my boyfriend so much and would never want this to happen to us. With his birthday coming up soon I thought about booking a

lake district weekend break

to reload his batteries and our relationship too. We had not spent a lot of time together recently and it was heartily needed.

Both of us enjoy time away from our home town. When we get any spare time together, off we go in the car to experience a change in scenery. Envisage country pubs and Sunday dinners in the pub garden. Alternatively we used to pack a blanket and head off into the hills for a picnic. I went to the lake district when I was a child and remembered the clean air, sounds of nature as well as the pretty flora and fauna. I looked at the photographs again which were now worn at the edges due to the number of times I had stared at them. I knew it was a delightful idea and took a look at

lake district hotels

on the internet.

I was not short of choice. We were going there to relax so we needed comfort and all amenities in the rooms and public areas. We too needed a base from which we could go out walking and exploring. I soon found the perfect hotel for us, it had everything we could possibly wish for and more. That evening I told my boyfriend about the surprise and he was over the moon.

We both couldn’t wait to jump into the car and drive to our hotel in the Lakes. Anyway, it was a marvellous weekend. The hotel did a marvellous job of making us relax and enjoy our time away. The weather was also fantastic as it was perfect for hiking or rambling around the countryside. It seemed such a long time since we had spent a full weekend together, we had fantastic fun and various laughs. A weekend in the lake district is terrific whether you need to unwind or not. You will fall in love with the place and want to stay there always.

Joyce Stewart is a freelance writer who has just returned from a weekend in the lake district. She describes it as the perfect way to recharge your batteries or spark romance back into your relationship.

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