Scratch Tickets Learn The Secrets To Winning Today!

By Chris Malcolm

If you are thinking that in the scratch tickets lottery there wouldn’t be a sure way to win, you are wrong. Still if you would insist that in the lottery there would always be no guarantees, again you are mistaken. It may probably be impossible but playing the popular scratch tickets doesn’t necessarily mean you would always have to rely on luck.

For $1, $2 and $5 instant games there wouldn’t be more than 15 consecutive losing tickets in a string of tickets. This is according to the Lottery Commission. So if you’ll buy 16 consecutive cards, it is sure that you’ll have at least one winning ticket. Thus, for the $10 games, you’ll surely need to buy 13 tickets.

To prove this instance, one of the WBZTV writers went to Kiki’s Kwik Mart in Brighton and bought strings of $1, $2 and $10 tickets. All in all, he spent $226. Fortunately, there was at least one winning ticket in each string. The Lottery Commission was right all along that the odds of winning in scratch tickets are even. In fact, Mathematics Prof. Tom Sherman of the Northeastern University even said that the Lottery Commission understands Mathematics very well.1 However, he added that even though math is important, marketing still works at a priority. He also said that people should get a certain amount of winning in order to play again.


In Pittsburgh, a frequent winner of the scratch tickets lottery in Pittsburgh is the Moon Township real estate manager Joe Tarquinio. He has hit 13 times already for $1,000 or more in the past three years. Mr. Tarquinio already hit twice for $10,000 and recently, he has hit a quarter million.

Mean while in eastern Pennsylvania, Debra Bitler holds the most number of instant lottery wins. In fact, she almost always won at least a thousand dollars each in the 38 wins in the scratch tickets. Carnegie Mellon professor Paul Fischbeck even said that 38 wins are pretty remarkable. He computed the odds and said, ‘There were about 7.2 million tickets, and five $1 million winners. If she played 100 times, the odds of her winning two $1 million tickets was about one in 420 million.’2

Scratch tickets truly demonstrate a guaranty that players would always get at least a winning ticket especially in consecutively purchased tickets. There would always have at least one winning ticket in a row. Then again, what’s the formula for success? What could be the secrets to winning today?

Last year, when a young man from Clarion County won $1 million in a scratch-off lottery game; Jamie Hale bagged four $1,000 winnings in just 48 hours. He shared his secrets on TV and mentioned that there were days that he would even buy a whole roll of tickets. Hale even explained to the reporters of The Pittsburgh Channel that buying a lot of tickets improve ones odds of winning. Another secret that he shared is that he buys the last ticket on a roll. I wish you the best of luck in winning scratch off lottery tickets. It is an extremely great feeling!

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