How To Prevent Tummy Tuck Risks And Possible Complications?

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Submitted by: Rena Graham

A tummy tuck or what is formally known as abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure which is aimed at tightening the abdominal muscles by removing the excess fats and skin in the area. It is often done along with liposuction to further improve its effects. It is also one of the most popular surgical cosmetic procedures with thousands of patients, both men and women, alike going under the knife yearly. But even though it has a high success rate over the years, there are also certain risks associated to this procedure.

The fact that it is an invasive procedure already indicates that one of the major risks that you will be vulnerable to are bleeding and infection.

Excessive bleeding can be caused by wrong manipulation of the surgeon or poor clotting ability of the patient. This can be avoided first of all by choosing a skilled and experienced surgeon. You can be assured of better safety when you find a reputable surgeon who had the proper training. You can also avoid bleeding by keeping yourself healthy to ensure that you heal on time and that your clotting factors are also in check. Smoking and alcohol should be avoided at least 4 weeks prior to surgery because this will only increase your chances of bleeding.


Infection can be caused by the compromised sterility of materials and poor techniques used by the surgeon. In some cases it can also be due to poor postoperative wound care. So to ensure that infection is kept at bay, it is important that you choose good clinics that have the finest facilities and equipment s. Also practice good hand washing and aseptic techniques especially when cleaning your wound.

Therefore to avoid serious complications from bleeding and infection, it is advisable that you monitor your dressing regularly. Also check the characteristic of the fluid because this can also indicate infection, especially if it is giving off a foul odor.

A tummy tuck procedure can also put you at risk of developing pulmonary emboli. It is a blood clot that travels to the lungs and lodge there. This can be highly dangerous because it can impair breathing and it can cause a heart attack, which could be fatal. To prevent this serious complication, it is strongly advised that you start moving around slowly after the surgery to promote good circulation and prevent clots from forming.

There is also a good chance that you will develop scars after a tummy tuck. To prevent or lessen the chances of it forming, always make sure that you keep yourself healthy so that you heal in a timely manner. You should also avoid infection because again this delays the healing which puts you at greater risk to scar formation.

Another risk for a tummy tuck is the poor quality of the outcome. There are incidences where a tummy tuck result is not as smooth and properly contoured. One reason that can lead to such an outcome is the surgeon s poor skills and bad aesthetic judgment. Therefore it is important that you ask around about the reputation of the surgeon or ask for before and after photos of previous patients. Make sure that you get the best out of the tummy tuck cost you are paying by choosing a good surgeon.

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